Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Restaurant Sri Pantai

Yesterday before me and my sister begin our busy day, we having our breakfast at Restaurant Sri Pantai Tawau. 

Me having mee tauhu, tofu noodles, while my sis choose to try fried rice. Mee tauhu is delicious. At first I felt weird about  hard/stern noodles, I forgot that mee tauhu need to be spill with tofu dressing to make it tender and gravy.  The noodles which gravy super 'mantap' if mix with some shrimp paste condiment, 'sambal belacan'. The tofu taste is fine. 

My sis ordered fried rice. she quit not happy as the fried rice having prawn and chicken meat. But its our false as we not informed the waiter about our diet. :)

Total paid for our breakfast is RM9.60 including Milo ice. 

To those who want to having breakfast here, I suggest u to try Mee Tauhu and Nasi Kuning. 

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