Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm just stupid poor girl

            How shuld i say this... im not good in fashion but i love to wear something that i comfortable with n not burdensome my financial... Im a student obviously with no income but only ptptn n ehsan from ma mak mis... huhu... thus, i dont have the capability to owned something damn expensive such lacoste's  t-shirt for Rm120... o mi mama... dats my diet for a week.. 

n because i dont have much money, n i dont wanna used mak mis's money for my fashion i prefer bundle... hoho... some people said it is the thing of dead people... it could be true.. but i just dont care. Even i dont have much money to fund my cloths, i like to wear something nice.. like what i wear here..

i think it just nice....  hohoho... it nice for me because what i wear  do not give burden to me n mi mama... all bought from Tawau bundle... hoho... the long skirt is only rm5, my shirt, is only rm3, oh shoe dat i have there only rm10 and my hand bag i got it for only rm13, its paolo gucci... Pencapaian terbaek... n dont forget my pashmina which i got from mi mama... arigato mak mis... with only Rm31 im able to go to 1b n have fun n dont have to struggle for my foods expenses... hahahha...