Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Night of Kerlipan Bintang..

19 November 2011, Grand Borneo Hotel..



Ambil berkat mentau jadi Dr juak nnti.. hehe

Hot chicks

Gadis soleha 

Gadis2 soleha 

Lop Lop

Bestfriend 4 eva

Bestfriend 4 eva too

Yeah dapat sijil... hehe
Let the picture explain it all.. :)

Here is video made by reizcastro, he is one of FSPPP members..  love it..  The Night Of Kerlipan Bintang

Thursday, November 3, 2011

World, Human & Technology

The world now is hard to describe
It has become as hard as the stone
Cold as the ice
Hot as the fire

What happen to our world now?
Power is the priority
Peace is just a shadow
Those who control the media is the hero
Those who’s left behind by the technology is the joker
Yet smile is fake
Happiness is earned
Money is happiness

Mankind nowadays is hard to describe
Their heart is as black as coal
It’s harsh like an iron and its bleeding like the river

Darwin comes out with the wrong theory.
People did not come from animal
But people now is becoming an animal

You who said have change the world
What have you change?
I’ve seen kids died starving
I’ve seen women being abused
What have you change with your technology?

Writen By: Diok
Edited By: My BFF, Diessa Mei Din