Thursday, September 27, 2012


Seems like its been forever since I shared something here. Its not that I owed anyone the story of my life, but but.. what aa? I cant figured out any excuses for the time being.. Soray.. hee..

For the past 2 months and a half, idup ku suda berubah 180 dgree. kerja suda aku. besar suda kan.. I am now a document controller..

Yg paling best.. baru 1minggu kerja suda di hntr pi bekursus di KL.. 1st taim ikut kursus ISO n 1st taim juak pi KL.. yippi..

The Colleague
The Certificate.. :)

Tem kursus kmi stay di hotel cantek sikit.. A- for the room but A+ for the foods.

View from my room

Tp dak juak kursus melulu, ada jln-jln juak.. bestnya shoping sana.. murah2 ja brg, cantek2 lg..

Kalo mau jalan harus selesa2.. :)

Yg ini pencapaian terbaek.. ku beli di Sogo ada 30% off.. 

Sorry for the headless me.. It is my weird new trends... hihi..