Monday, March 21, 2011

Jarang jua aku kepingin dgn brg2 ne... but this time......  Aku mau ne kasut....... Sgt Sesuai dgn skirt2 sy... Heheheheh
Yg ini juak ba.....

the best.. mau mau...

Huhuh... Akan ku usahakan. GambateH Diok!!...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Obladaa.. Obladee... Obladoo...

Song and
COLOUR.. oh i couldn't distinguish these things.. i luv them both.. both make me smile.. make me fell awesome... but I'll talk about song rite now.. i do adore smart phrase.. sweet lyric n nice voice.. huhh... when talk about music there's many singer crossed my mind.. n ofcoz especially those with the smooth n slow rhythm.. do not noe what the genre call it... n if I have to make list of my favorite song, this it will be..

1. Misty Miller/vampire

2. Regina Spector/Fidelity

3. Laura Marling/Alas i cannot swim

4. Heather Nova/Let's not talk about love

5. Landon pigg/Falling in love at a coffee shop

i love u first...

Myb its different from other,

But i luv u, i don't want to share u with other... i luv u but its hurt me if u having fun without me.. i luv u i don't want anybody to know u better than i do.. i luv u.. i want u to only see me.. pliz be blind for other..

i luv u but i wont be O ok for any unconcern, wont be O ok for any dishonestly, wont be O ok for selfishness and wont be O O O ok for a long distance..