Saturday, March 5, 2011

Obladaa.. Obladee... Obladoo...

Song and
COLOUR.. oh i couldn't distinguish these things.. i luv them both.. both make me smile.. make me fell awesome... but I'll talk about song rite now.. i do adore smart phrase.. sweet lyric n nice voice.. huhh... when talk about music there's many singer crossed my mind.. n ofcoz especially those with the smooth n slow rhythm.. do not noe what the genre call it... n if I have to make list of my favorite song, this it will be..

1. Misty Miller/vampire

2. Regina Spector/Fidelity

3. Laura Marling/Alas i cannot swim

4. Heather Nova/Let's not talk about love

5. Landon pigg/Falling in love at a coffee shop

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