Thursday, November 15, 2012

nasi goreng ikan..

weehuu.. berjaya buat nasi goreng ikan.. so this is a quick update to share the recipe I got from my mom. nasi goreng ikan ni plg ngam di buat bila ikan masak kunyit semlm masih besisa..

apa yg di perlukan.. 

ikan masak kunyit - goreng  lepas tu asing kan isi dari tulang..  buang isinya ambil tulangnya.. dak ba.. ambek isinya n tumbuk pakek lesung, tulangnya kasi sma miau..


bawang merah + bawang putih + lada kecil - tumbuk lumat

- tumis bahan yg di tumbuk
- kasi masuk nasi, goreng kejap
- kasi masuk ikan yg suda di tumbuk
- masukkan garam, perasa
- syiap!

ya ampiun.. punya senang.. hehhe..

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Seems like its been forever since I shared something here. Its not that I owed anyone the story of my life, but but.. what aa? I cant figured out any excuses for the time being.. Soray.. hee..

For the past 2 months and a half, idup ku suda berubah 180 dgree. kerja suda aku. besar suda kan.. I am now a document controller..

Yg paling best.. baru 1minggu kerja suda di hntr pi bekursus di KL.. 1st taim ikut kursus ISO n 1st taim juak pi KL.. yippi..

The Colleague
The Certificate.. :)

Tem kursus kmi stay di hotel cantek sikit.. A- for the room but A+ for the foods.

View from my room

Tp dak juak kursus melulu, ada jln-jln juak.. bestnya shoping sana.. murah2 ja brg, cantek2 lg..

Kalo mau jalan harus selesa2.. :)

Yg ini pencapaian terbaek.. ku beli di Sogo ada 30% off.. 

Sorry for the headless me.. It is my weird new trends... hihi..

Friday, July 20, 2012

wish list..

For this ramadan, I Wish to,
  • puasa penuh...
  • dak tggl solat..
  • terawih lengkap..
  • tamat al-quran..
  • byk diam, n kurang marah2.. :)
marhaban ya ramadan..


Friday, June 15, 2012

suit me perfectly..

when I was younger I always get jealous saw my sisters put on my mum cloth as I want it too, but the size is nope nope.. hee... I was so thin before yet my mum body are tall and hot..  me just like my father, shorty and smally..  

But now, my mum's classic baju kurung that I always want to wear has suit and fit me nearly perfect.. ok, I still short but no more thin.. thanks to ginseng which help my poor appetite problema..

Tonite I will wearing it proudly to attend a dinner.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


suda lama mnjd milikku.. but I'm just too bored waiting for my mum to finish  her shopping.. so me want to share some photos of my belonging..

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Handmade Kad Jemputan..

Name frame for brides n grooms..

Thinking to have some decoration for wedding? Ku buat yang senang sikit.. Nama pengantin di dalam frame. senang, mudah n easy. heeee....

Bahan-bahan : 
1. Frame A3 size (RM13.90)
2. Artificial cotton (RM1)
3. 2 Yellow and 1 black cloth felt (RM1 each)
4. Gunting
5. Benang n Jarum
6. Pensil
7. Gam UHU

Spt gambar di atas, kita lukis la huruf-huruf nama yang di perlukan. kali ini aku gunakan 2 yellow cloth felt untuk 8 huruf. and 1 yang kaler hitam untuk "love" nya.. Remember, 1 huruf tu mesti ada dua lapis.. Mau di jahit kan..

Abis ja lukis2 and potong2.. Jadi Jahit la.. ada dua cara jahitnya ni.. Jahitan luar yang macam di atas ni, atau jahitan dalam.. Jangan jahit abis k, sebelum tutup jahitan masukkan la kapas buatan supaya dia fluffy...

Ini la hasilnya.. simple ja kan.. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gerai Nurhanifah, No10....

Few days ago, My sister and I having soup for our lunch and this time we choose to menyantap at Nurhanifah stall .. FYI, this stall kinda popular for lunch as its open in daylight only. Nurhanifah stall located near highway/seafront, which also known as atap biru area.

Nurhanifah stall popular for their speciality which is soup, they serve few types os soup such,beef soup, chicken meat soup, "sup perut", and mix sup which consist of beef, chicken meat and perut. The soup will be eat together with rice.

That time me coose to have beef soup, and si cincin emas choose Chicken meat soup..

Total paid for our lunch is RM11. RM4.50 for each soup and RM1 for each rice.. 

5,6,7,8, bla bla.. I will never stop counting.. :)

Five years relationship? For those whose been together with their loved one for about 30 years or 20 years, five years is just like an introduction to 10 pages essay.. But, for me it’s such a longgg time..

I do get bored sometimes. Just imagine, you are calling the same person for five years, ask the same person for five years if he already eaten, asking what have he done the whole day.. Asking the merely same thing for about everyday in five years.. its about 1825 days ya.. 

There are many thing annoyed me these five years, like arguing the same thing over and over again. Break up for more than 30 times but back together again. Huih..

Honestly I’m bored.. But…….. I don’t want to querying other guys like I always do with my bored partner.. I don’t want to know what other guys doing in their whole day.. I don’t wanna says “love you” to other man other than him.. I don’t to talk about my sorrowness with other guy.. Getting bored asking the same question to same person everyday is much2 better than talking to other guys..  I just want him.. My perfect little punching bag.. 

So…. With him, quarrel over something for me is just a cut finger.. It do bleed.. but will be heal with 10sen plaster (cheap way).. hehe

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

McD is in town..

Haven't u heard ? mcdonald is in town!! I wonder, is there any forum made just to discuss how pathetic we tawaurian as we so happy for mcd opening.... 

Those who have so much time to care for us... I got few words for them..

yes we happy about it... so what?? how come u whose so mlinium, so high standard person have time to discuss about us, people of small town like us.. dont u have so much important thing to be care about? like  fashion show of chanel, louis vuitton, dior? or thing like ur vacation to paris, milan, newyork and etc.. u should really get a life dude.. huh..

Ceh... complaining, complaining, complaining.. hehhehe...

McD opening is really a hot topic in our town.  especially to children, whose might be the main reason for the parents/sister/brother willing to line up for about one hours... How do I know? cuz I've experienced it.. :D

see.. me willing to line up in drive thru for ekok.. after once dinner, and once breakfast there, yesterday she said to me, "Jumaat lg ya?"

Friday, April 13, 2012

Gado2 & Soto Banjar di Esbok

Stupid me, I didn't know this restaurant name.... mmg la amatur dan food review yg tiada2... kuikui... padahal slalu ba mkn sini.. adede.. 

Actually this stall/ restaurant located at esbok/kg titingan.. esbok ujung la kiranya... lokasinya btl2 depan pondok polis.. 

I promise next time I come here will ask nama gerai ni..

so here what we ate, these are among the famous dish here, also there are many other choices.. 

Usually we see ABC in pink kaler do we? but here the ABC is white but still delishius (I want to spell it this way to make it sound more delishius) haahha


No doubt this the best cendol ever.. when its a very hot day, cendol here is the drink from paradise... 

Cendol Santan

This is also the best dish here, Soto Banjar. this is their specialist. mintak maaf, but dak da kaki la soto di kk compare to soto here.. no offense ok.. just imagine here the soto is includes boiled egg+nasi himpit/lontong+ perkedel ubi kentang+chicken meat+mee suun.. compared to bihun, chicken meat and cabbage? which one is better??

Soto Banjar, RM5

Goda2.. hehehe... here u can choose to have hot one or the normal one.. btw.. there is also Gado2 Ayam Racik.. Its same as here but rich with chicken meat... 

Gado-Gado RM5

Total Paid for our lunch at this time is RM22.90 for 1 ABC, 2 Cendol, 2 Soto Banjar and 1 Gado2..

again and again, New millennium....

should I change the labels from Tawau food review to new millennium restaurant food review?? hehehhe.. couldn't help it, but here is where we love to eat.. :D

bakal abg ipar order yg ini.. kalo nasi goreng di sini byk oo... utk yg lapar2 ngam order ini.. huehue..

Seafood Fried Rice, RM6

Prawn salad Rice, RM8
Black paper here in new millennium sedap buanget.. must try okay..

Black Paper Beef Rice, RM8

Black Paper Fish, RM7.50
Total Paid for our dinner is RM30.50 including 2 chinese tea.. 

afternoon tea at multi bake....

minum2 ptg d multibake fajar... actually menemankan bf buat repot... hehehe...

Cho Mousse, RM3.30

Marble Cheese Cake, RM6.10

Egg Tart, RM1.50

lop him.. :)

Total paid for our afternoon tea a.k.a my treat for helping him is RM16.40 including choco milk and ice lemon tea.. :)