Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gerai Nurhanifah, No10....

Few days ago, My sister and I having soup for our lunch and this time we choose to menyantap at Nurhanifah stall .. FYI, this stall kinda popular for lunch as its open in daylight only. Nurhanifah stall located near highway/seafront, which also known as atap biru area.

Nurhanifah stall popular for their speciality which is soup, they serve few types os soup such,beef soup, chicken meat soup, "sup perut", and mix sup which consist of beef, chicken meat and perut. The soup will be eat together with rice.

That time me coose to have beef soup, and si cincin emas choose Chicken meat soup..

Total paid for our lunch is RM11. RM4.50 for each soup and RM1 for each rice.. 

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