Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New millennium

New Millennium again.. hehhe..

Yesterday, again we ate serve style. As my sis gave opportunity to choose what to eat, here is what I order.

For the first time I order for mix vege. mix vege rich with vegetable and seafood, all of them are cabbage, broccoli, mushroom, sawi, tomatoes, prawn, squid, fish fillet, and fish ball.

Mix Vege

My bro is favor to any kind of dish that cook with sauce and tomato ketchup. So I order this. As usual tomato and pineapple were mix together in this dish.

Sweet & sour fish

Corn soup

Prawn Salad

Ginger Fish is the best. :D

Ginger Fish Rice

The price for one serving of this food are as follow,

Mix Vege - RM6
Sweet & Sour - RM8
Corn Soup - RM5
Salad Prawn - RM8
Ginger Fish Rice - RM7

Total paid for our lunch is RM39.50, dish is serving for 3 people, 3 rice and 1 Chinese tea. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Indo Cafe

yesterday, is family outing. me n my sisters went out to look for a new bed for our room. after finish our business we having our afternoon tea at Indo Cafe. 

ahha.. when u come to Indo Cafe, the recipe u must order is this. Sanggar Cheese. Sanggar cheese or pisang goreng cheese is provided with cheese (mmgla ba kan) and also Gula melaka/Gula Merah/palm sugar. Sedap ba... Must try ok..

Sanggar Cheese, RM4

Another speciality of this restaurant is the sago drinks. Its actually the fruit's smoothies that mix with sago pearl. There are three types, mango sago, papaya sago and avocado sago.  As usual my favourite is Mango sago. My sis order Avocado sago. 

Mango Sago, RM3

Avocado sago, RM3 

Fried kwetiaw, RM5

Total paid for our afternoon tea is RM18 for 3 sago smoothies, 1 sanggar cheese and 1 fried kwetiaw. there are few review of this restaurant u can see it here and here and oso here 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tawau Kopitiam

What a match, driving a classic and having lunch at kopitiam restaurant. hehe..

For today as we have some business to be done in Fajar area, we decide to have our lunch in the area also, its peak hour and try to look out for parking is just like suicide. hehe.. 

Me and my sista choosing to have Nasi Lalap, me chicken nasi lalap, and fish nasi lalap for her. 

Fish Nasi Lalap, RM7

Chicken Nasi Lalap, RM6
Another view of our lunch in diff angle. 

Drinks that I ordered for today  is Kicai ping.. Hamdan is the one who introduced me with this drinks. Usually when we order kicai, the lime were put in the there. But here in Tawau kopitiam, only the lime content is in the drinks, so the hygienic is guarantee. No more worry and wondering if the lime is not wash first. :)

Kicai Ping, RM2

Decoration in the restaurant. 

Total paid for our lunch is RM15. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sabah Chicken Rice

Dating with bff.. at first we blur in deciding where to eat then finally we decide to have our lunch at Sabah Chicken Rice

Me choosing chicken rice, its been a long time since I eat this. 

Chicken Rice, Drumstick RM6.20

As usual, the taste is good. worth. 

My dearest bff choose to eat fried noodles. 

Fried Noodles, RM6

The taste of fried noodles is undoubtedly good. If u happen to came here I suggest u to try this. The noodles were rich with prawn, fish fillet and sprouts. so so good.

kangkung belacan, RM6

For drinks, Cincau susu at Sabah Chicken rice is the best.. 

I forgot the price :P

Total paid for our lunch is RM24

Sabah Chicken Rice lacated at fajar area. for detailed u can check it out here