Sunday, March 25, 2012

Imperfect me..

While busy transferring all my pic to new laptop, I steal some of my time to check out my last year photo.. The very prasantan me, have several times praise my own photo, (cuz some picture are taken nicely) and also me praise my self of how good I am in using picasa, xiuxiu, photoshop and etc... ahhahha.. yah.. Im the type of person whose editing my picture to make it look nice. 

However, not all photos show the best me, there are some photo yang JELLEK, yang rusak, yang really show how my face really is... hihi... so I present u.. imperfect me... :D



senyum2 kambing

acne, pigmentation,open pore.. hukhuk..

yellow teeth, idung kembang kempis.. will be solve soon.. :)

bakat terpendam, becakap sambil memerengkan mulut..

monkey walk..