Friday, September 16, 2011

Confident, Yakin & .....

For all this time, I concern too much about how people will say about my look, my outfits and my appearance ... I always wear something that will make people butter me up .. and I'm happy to hear it .. and then I'm addicted to it .. always me want to hear people say how good look I am. I complaint my sister whose lacking with effort in her appearance cause I thought I'm much better. 

I spend my time looking for a current fashion in website, blog, I also Google it .. but more often I see it more burden on me, "I want that skirt, where can I got it, how much will it cost me" " ah, that pants, i want one" "OMG what a gamis, I waaannnttt". and when I'm seeing many popular and astonishing fashionista, to be honest I'm Jealous. they being known because they are fashionate. I want to become like them, so, I have my own photo shoot, I talked about fashion in my blog, I show the most beautiful dress I have.

But then, I feel there is something wrong with me. I become busy for nothing. but I comfort my self. "this is women instinct, almost every girl done same thing" "nothing wrong about it" but if this is not wrong why do envious feeling grow in my self. why I need to be jealous seeing other girl better than me in fashion sense. This is bad traits and it has burden me. I don't need much time to figure this out. I realize I'm wrong, I've lead my life in wrong way. So I spent time for self reflection. 

After sometime, I made up my mind. 

* Fashionable and beautiful outfits is okay because hideous clothing and NFS (no fashion sense) of fashion-missing is no good.. 
* Fashion should not be burden me, so no more expensive goods if I'm not capable.
* No more jealous, they are beautiful, but me also beautiful even not in same appearance. 

I don't need people compliment to make me confident, but I need their advice so that I always in right track.