Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Restaurant Sri Pantai

Yesterday before me and my sister begin our busy day, we having our breakfast at Restaurant Sri Pantai Tawau. 

Me having mee tauhu, tofu noodles, while my sis choose to try fried rice. Mee tauhu is delicious. At first I felt weird about  hard/stern noodles, I forgot that mee tauhu need to be spill with tofu dressing to make it tender and gravy.  The noodles which gravy super 'mantap' if mix with some shrimp paste condiment, 'sambal belacan'. The tofu taste is fine. 

My sis ordered fried rice. she quit not happy as the fried rice having prawn and chicken meat. But its our false as we not informed the waiter about our diet. :)

Total paid for our breakfast is RM9.60 including Milo ice. 

To those who want to having breakfast here, I suggest u to try Mee Tauhu and Nasi Kuning. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Restaurant New Millennium Food Lounge

Its such a waste when u come to Tawau but u don't try foods here at New Millenium restaurant . wow. That how I describe this awesome restaurant. Yesterday we come here to have our lunch. we come here for about more than 50 times, (we love this restaurant so much) hihihi :) 

Kangkung belacan for our lunch today diff with what I usually taste here. It less delicious than before. but still it taste goody and fine. 

Kangkung Belacan

Delicious. Kak tima choice, she try to put us in nutritious diet,  where seafood will never be eat together with land food.  what I mean here actually, squid, prawn dish will not be eat together with meat or chicken dish. So she order fish fillet instead of chicken ginger as I usually order. 

Fish Fillet Ginger

Together with us this lunch is ekok the Prawn Fan, so this is her choice. This I strongly recommend to those who never try this. The fried prawn is crisp and fresh. Must try okay? U'll never forget the taste. 

Udang Salad

Our order for today is for three people, the dish and 3 rice. and 3 drinks. 

Chinese tea, Hot Milo, Ice Milo

Total Paid for our lunch is RM35.50. 

New Millennium Food Lounge is located at Bandar Tawau, Fajar area for more detailed u can refer to this  Link

Kong Fa

When u already have ur dinner but after few hours, ur mouth still want to chew something, Kong Fa is the place u should go to lookout for food. I bet that all Tawaurian know this place. This is a place where many stall selling goody food and drinks such grilled chicken, fried rice, Nasi Lalap, Fried noodles, Mertabak Jawa, ABC, Ais Teler and many more.

Tonight me want buntut (chicken tail) and grill chicken wings. So even its rainy day we still haunting for food.. hehe..

As always we bought grilled chicken wings and chicken tail at Gerai Lily, not only to support my mom friend business but the sauce is different from other stall.

Chicken wings, RM1.70/piece

To those who like to eat crisp grilled chicken tail, u may ask it from them. 

Chicken Tail, Rm 1.70/piece

We bought Nasi Goreng Ayam from Gerai Mawar. We bought only one for three people to eat. hehe

Nasi goreng Ayam, RM3.50

Sauce is what make Tawau's grilled chicken wings differ with grilled food at KK or other place where here they have a  thick, hot but at same time sweet soy sauce and have a little taste of lime. Yummy.  Another thing that make different is that  here in Tawau, when u bought grilled food surely u will eat it while its hot, they took time to grill the meat to ensure u got well grilled meat and still hot.

For information, besides take away, u can eat there, there are also drinks stall. 

Total paid for our supper is RM34.10 where RM30.60 for grilled chicken and RM3.50 for fried rice. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Indo Taste Restaurant

Me, kak Tim, Kak Nang and ekok having our lunch at Indo Taste Restaurant.. This is first time we come here.. We came here as suggested by our mom as she know the owner of this restaurant. 

The owner is Chinese but no worry, they 'serve no pork' . 

Ekok choose to have Nasi Udang Salad, she really a prawn fan.. 

Nasi Udang Salad, RM7.80

Kak nang ordered  Nasi Ayam Sambal Mangga Muda. ok the taste is soo soo fine, delicious, I really recommend this to those whose love hot food. The sambal mangga which previously I thought only suit with fried fish, actually do also suit with fried chicken. The chicken serving here were completed with 'urap', cucumber and fried tofu, urap is salad which consist of vege and spicy kerisik.

Nasi Ayam Sambal Mangga Muda, RM8

Kak tim cerewet finally choose Nasi Ayam Penyet after too much queries to the waiters. when I asked her for comment, she said she love the taste as the chicken is deep fried, she really dislike the half cooked meat. Nasi ayam penyet also completed with urap, cucumber and tofu. 

Nasi Ayam Penyet, RM8

This is the rice that serve together with Nasi Ayam Penyet and Nasi Ayam Sambal Mangga Muda. The rice having keropok unyil and also Sambal Tempe. The rice is diff with the usual rice that we ate at home, the rice here taste like has been add with some glutinous rice. when I try some, it really feel like I was having my lunch at my grandma house. :)

I choose to try Sup Tulang. The taste is only fine, not too delicious. The taste of meat is also weird. Until now the best sup tulang that I have ever taste is at Tomyam Jati Restaurant. 

Rice, RM1

Sup Tulang, RM6.50

Besides of what we have here there are few dish that been highlight by this restaurant. The name of the food itself are very interesting. surely we will come here again to try other recipe. 

Total Paid for our lunch is RM33.40 including 3 sky juice which charge with 50cent each and Milo Ice. Those who want to try some Indonesian Spice, do came here which located near Giant Tawau. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Restoran Rassa

when you and your family craving to have seafood for dinner, I suggest you to try the taste of Restoran Rassa, located at Institut Memandu Cemerlang. Last night me and my family having our dinner there, we have complete dinner, prawn, fish, crab and vege. its my brother treat.  :D

Having seafood fiesta will not complete without vegetable, the famous vege are kangkung belacan and baby kailan oyster,  but we prefer kangkung belacan, the kangkung belacan rassa style were mix with squid that make the taste more delicious. 

Kangkung Belacan, RM10

Udang Mangga, I suggest to those who love Thailand taste, its have the sour taste of mango, and taste of Bunga Kantan.

Udang Mangga RM10

Udang Butter, RM10

The crab soup is delicious, I strongly recommend this soup if you come here, the lumpy crab meat with thick soup is just perfect.
Crab and Corn Soup, RM 15

In Rassa Restaurant, you need to choose the raw fish and other seafood before you choose the way it cook. For the fish serving, we choose to have two taste, Tau chu and Steam. The fish price here were according to its kilo, RM30 per kg. Tonight our fish serving is about 2.6kg that cost us RM78. 

Ikan Siakap Tau chu

Ikan Siakap Steam

Total paid for our dinner is RM137, including 10 rice, and Drinks. The sky Juice is FOC and there is no service tax.

Rassa Restoran is located at the Institut Memandu Cemerlang, near Jalan Damai and Ice Box.

Tawau Food Review

I had a long time wanted to do this. simply because I want to share to everyone and anyone about Tawau delicious food..

Tawau might not having interesting place such bukit kokol at Kota Kinabalu, or Hot spring at Ranau, but Tawau has one thing that can be proud of by almost of the people here, that is the FOOD. 

Tawau Food is vary, Jawa food, Italian food, west food, and even Malay food. And even though  the restaurant is not beautiful, and some popular food are prepared at stall, but I can guarantee that more than 50% stall and restaurant here in Tawau will not disappoint you and worth.

So this food review are the review from the amateur, lack of experience in food review, and this is just a review from one of the Tawaurian, whose love to share what she has taste. and very sorry if this review include some photo from amateur photographer. :P

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tammat Suda..

Kemarin.. ya kemarin, aku menamatkan hidup sebagai student UiTM yg telah mengambil waktu ku, umurku, sebanyak 5 tahun..  semuanya untuk punya sefail ijazah.. kenapa sefail dan bukan segulung, sebab tu sijil ijazah di letaknya nnti di fail tem konvo, dak di gulung.. :P. 

Apa-pun habis sudah.. tammat suda... tp ada kemungkinan juak to be continue, kalau failed, tepaksa la repeat.. tp nauzubillah, mudahan lulus jak semua.. 

Pengalaman di UiTM Sabah is awesome. dapat ilmu, dapat kwn, dapat hamdan.. dpt juak musuh.. 5 tahun.. byk perubahan  uitm yg smpt ku tgok.. bangunan fasa 3 yg mau runtuh, kelas di bukit perumahan, kelas di fastrack n plg last dapat juak merasa bangunan baru yang ada lifnya.. yg dak paya penat naik tangga mcm di fasa 3 dan dpt ambil exam di bangunan baru :)

Belajar di tempat yg byk kekurangan facilitynya selalu melemahkan semangat.. terpaksa hadir kelas yg di buat d rumah, n pengalaman plg dak bole di lupa bila taem2 belajar di kelas, di suru beratur untuk turun dari bangunan yg ada knon2 mau runtuh.. gilak! tp apapun2 hasilnya jadi lebih strong, dak tlmpau mnja.. independent.. pokoknya jasa2 semua lecturer dak akan ku lupa..  :)

Love UiTM, Proud to be one of the product of UiTM.. wlau byk yg mengata2 ni UiTM ni discriminasi,.. whatever.. jeles la tu.. 

sidikit gmbr diok jellek

lagi yang jellek.. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

het uitzicht vanaf de achterkant

Baru jak ni.. me n family, Pak Amat, Mak Mis, kak tima, ogen, pikok, pi mengurus topik masok politeknik kk... so family outing again.. :)

Nunu bettak

Mak Mis n Diok

The View From The Back = Pandangan Dari Belakang = Het Uitzicht Vanaf De Achterkant , (Google translate).. :)