Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tawau Food Review

I had a long time wanted to do this. simply because I want to share to everyone and anyone about Tawau delicious food..

Tawau might not having interesting place such bukit kokol at Kota Kinabalu, or Hot spring at Ranau, but Tawau has one thing that can be proud of by almost of the people here, that is the FOOD. 

Tawau Food is vary, Jawa food, Italian food, west food, and even Malay food. And even though  the restaurant is not beautiful, and some popular food are prepared at stall, but I can guarantee that more than 50% stall and restaurant here in Tawau will not disappoint you and worth.

So this food review are the review from the amateur, lack of experience in food review, and this is just a review from one of the Tawaurian, whose love to share what she has taste. and very sorry if this review include some photo from amateur photographer. :P

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