Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Night of Kerlipan Bintang..

19 November 2011, Grand Borneo Hotel..



Ambil berkat mentau jadi Dr juak nnti.. hehe

Hot chicks

Gadis soleha 

Gadis2 soleha 

Lop Lop

Bestfriend 4 eva

Bestfriend 4 eva too

Yeah dapat sijil... hehe
Let the picture explain it all.. :)

Here is video made by reizcastro, he is one of FSPPP members..  love it..  The Night Of Kerlipan Bintang

Thursday, November 3, 2011

World, Human & Technology

The world now is hard to describe
It has become as hard as the stone
Cold as the ice
Hot as the fire

What happen to our world now?
Power is the priority
Peace is just a shadow
Those who control the media is the hero
Those who’s left behind by the technology is the joker
Yet smile is fake
Happiness is earned
Money is happiness

Mankind nowadays is hard to describe
Their heart is as black as coal
It’s harsh like an iron and its bleeding like the river

Darwin comes out with the wrong theory.
People did not come from animal
But people now is becoming an animal

You who said have change the world
What have you change?
I’ve seen kids died starving
I’ve seen women being abused
What have you change with your technology?

Writen By: Diok
Edited By: My BFF, Diessa Mei Din

Friday, October 28, 2011

Oversized shirt


Now and today I've been motivated to write some of my thought about fashion. I love skirt and I've hear from my ustaz, that it is very proper for lady to wear skirt, long skirt, this might be because it will cover women body shape and I agree with that. Its also very2 suit me cuz Im super thin, I don't want to wear something that perfectly showing my bones.. :P

But for me I cant wear skirt all the time, its kinda block my movement I cant lifting my feet high and sometime its not suitable for some event or activity. Am I right? or am I the only one feel this way.. (put that aside). 

What my point here actually is "how to wear Pants but at the same time its proper for hijabers (cover ur back)" So the answer for my own question is OVERSIZED SHIRT, some called it loose shirt and funny, some called it boyfriend shirt. :)

Some people don't really  like to wear oversized shirt. When me wearing one, my Hamdan didn't like it, he comes with several comment such I'm really look alike aunty2 from farm worker who collect palm seed. yeh whatever. 

I Google it, Im yahoo it, and I found those who wear it  and those who sell it, Bule' la yg byk... So what in my mind is all this lady with long pants or jeans and Hijab. For the Photos, credit goes to Google image.. 

Lago ka?? Maybe its will be little  trendy if we adding some accessories 

and finally wear hijab
this beautiful lady is not me, I got the pic from google

Ya ya... Mcm tiada2 ka? huhuh..  apa2 ja la kan yg ptg ada entry... hehe

wlau bukan cth yg terbaik... :P

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hijab Tutorial By Me

Its weekend and I'm alone in this house. bored to death. but then I got idea to make this Hijab tutorial.. and taaadaaa its done, It cost me 1 hour but not even single penny... hope it useful.. :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Outing...

I don't know what will happen  tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or in the future. but today, I love you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Confident, Yakin & .....

For all this time, I concern too much about how people will say about my look, my outfits and my appearance ... I always wear something that will make people butter me up .. and I'm happy to hear it .. and then I'm addicted to it .. always me want to hear people say how good look I am. I complaint my sister whose lacking with effort in her appearance cause I thought I'm much better. 

I spend my time looking for a current fashion in website, blog, I also Google it .. but more often I see it more burden on me, "I want that skirt, where can I got it, how much will it cost me" " ah, that pants, i want one" "OMG what a gamis, I waaannnttt". and when I'm seeing many popular and astonishing fashionista, to be honest I'm Jealous. they being known because they are fashionate. I want to become like them, so, I have my own photo shoot, I talked about fashion in my blog, I show the most beautiful dress I have.

But then, I feel there is something wrong with me. I become busy for nothing. but I comfort my self. "this is women instinct, almost every girl done same thing" "nothing wrong about it" but if this is not wrong why do envious feeling grow in my self. why I need to be jealous seeing other girl better than me in fashion sense. This is bad traits and it has burden me. I don't need much time to figure this out. I realize I'm wrong, I've lead my life in wrong way. So I spent time for self reflection. 

After sometime, I made up my mind. 

* Fashionable and beautiful outfits is okay because hideous clothing and NFS (no fashion sense) of fashion-missing is no good.. 
* Fashion should not be burden me, so no more expensive goods if I'm not capable.
* No more jealous, they are beautiful, but me also beautiful even not in same appearance. 

I don't need people compliment to make me confident, but I need their advice so that I always in right track.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


All this time... I've rubbish my own life... always care for thing that i should not care.. and always forget things that I should not forget... :( Now that I realize about it, or to be precise, someone made me realize about it... I hunger for a change..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Joka2 Mafoto2...

ya... sy bugis.. dan ya... td sy jalan2... :) 

since hamdan is working far far away where shrek is live there... I lost my partner for outing... plus.. I made myself busy helping my mom to look after her groceries store..  always, me dont have the chance to have iftar with ma sista n ma girls.. Thus, There is no outing and girls day in this month.. but luckily.. today is family outing.. hihi...

Duduk yg sopan btl... sbbnya kereta penuh dgn brg jualan mak mis. pokoknya kalo jalan dak bole tggl beli barang kedai... yeah.. huhu...

see.. byk brg... 

Friday, August 5, 2011


How me describe love..
Love is when in your eyes, I don’t have to be sexy, cute and charming all the time
Love is when we don’t hesitate to sharing our problem
Love is when we always gonna be okay despite how big the quarrel is
Love is when we got thousand reasons why you cannot be with others
Love is when our plan, our aim in our life is always virtue.

Happy Anniversary... :) 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


pengalaman baru.. first day punya la kekok... mcm mau muntah ja gara2 nebes... but i do survive.. there is one thing that surprise me..  budak praktikal yg lain di sini sgt la cepat menyesuaikan diri dgn staff2.. amazing.. smpai ku fikir staff ba dwrg.. they were were using informal lang with the staff.. but me.. ayoyo..... susanya... :(

7 July 2011

I start adapting my self to this organization and Im very gratefully that I been placed in this department where the people here is very nice and supporting. I made up my mind. that I'll always looking for the opportunity to have my career in this sector.

29 July 2011

last day.. Everyday in here is worth for my future revision and all experience I got here in MPT, I will keep it and i will use it. I'm sure of one thing. I'll miss everyone in Pejabat Am, Bilik Fail, Pejabat Undang2 damn much. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm just stupid poor girl

            How shuld i say this... im not good in fashion but i love to wear something that i comfortable with n not burdensome my financial... Im a student obviously with no income but only ptptn n ehsan from ma mak mis... huhu... thus, i dont have the capability to owned something damn expensive such lacoste's  t-shirt for Rm120... o mi mama... dats my diet for a week.. 

n because i dont have much money, n i dont wanna used mak mis's money for my fashion i prefer bundle... hoho... some people said it is the thing of dead people... it could be true.. but i just dont care. Even i dont have much money to fund my cloths, i like to wear something nice.. like what i wear here..

i think it just nice....  hohoho... it nice for me because what i wear  do not give burden to me n mi mama... all bought from Tawau bundle... hoho... the long skirt is only rm5, my shirt, is only rm3, oh shoe dat i have there only rm10 and my hand bag i got it for only rm13, its paolo gucci... Pencapaian terbaek... n dont forget my pashmina which i got from mi mama... arigato mak mis... with only Rm31 im able to go to 1b n have fun n dont have to struggle for my foods expenses... hahahha...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Buah hati Pengarang jantung.....

Im happy... with his commitment.... with his love, his loyalty and tolerant... and Im looking forward a happy ending... 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


just updating my blog.... skrg ada byk uda gadget... :D got inspired from the blog that i followed.... honestly im not really into technology thing... and honestly... I dont have technology gadget.. i only have my LG mobile..thats all... i make my laptop in coma.. n also my cousin's laptop in coma.. n now have to borrowed laptop from my brother.. i dont hate technology... but they do hates me... really... the mobile i have now maybe the 15th mobile i had.. all b4 broken... n of coz not because of me but because they hates to work for me.... :D 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jarang jua aku kepingin dgn brg2 ne... but this time......  Aku mau ne kasut....... Sgt Sesuai dgn skirt2 sy... Heheheheh
Yg ini juak ba.....

the best.. mau mau...

Huhuh... Akan ku usahakan. GambateH Diok!!...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Obladaa.. Obladee... Obladoo...

Song and
COLOUR.. oh i couldn't distinguish these things.. i luv them both.. both make me smile.. make me fell awesome... but I'll talk about song rite now.. i do adore smart phrase.. sweet lyric n nice voice.. huhh... when talk about music there's many singer crossed my mind.. n ofcoz especially those with the smooth n slow rhythm.. do not noe what the genre call it... n if I have to make list of my favorite song, this it will be..

1. Misty Miller/vampire

2. Regina Spector/Fidelity

3. Laura Marling/Alas i cannot swim

4. Heather Nova/Let's not talk about love

5. Landon pigg/Falling in love at a coffee shop

i love u first...

Myb its different from other,

But i luv u, i don't want to share u with other... i luv u but its hurt me if u having fun without me.. i luv u i don't want anybody to know u better than i do.. i luv u.. i want u to only see me.. pliz be blind for other..

i luv u but i wont be O ok for any unconcern, wont be O ok for any dishonestly, wont be O ok for selfishness and wont be O O O ok for a long distance..