Tuesday, June 28, 2011


pengalaman baru.. first day punya la kekok... mcm mau muntah ja gara2 nebes... but i do survive.. there is one thing that surprise me..  budak praktikal yg lain di sini sgt la cepat menyesuaikan diri dgn staff2.. amazing.. smpai ku fikir staff ba dwrg.. they were were using informal lang with the staff.. but me.. ayoyo..... susanya... :(

7 July 2011

I start adapting my self to this organization and Im very gratefully that I been placed in this department where the people here is very nice and supporting. I made up my mind. that I'll always looking for the opportunity to have my career in this sector.

29 July 2011

last day.. Everyday in here is worth for my future revision and all experience I got here in MPT, I will keep it and i will use it. I'm sure of one thing. I'll miss everyone in Pejabat Am, Bilik Fail, Pejabat Undang2 damn much. :)