Friday, October 28, 2011

Oversized shirt


Now and today I've been motivated to write some of my thought about fashion. I love skirt and I've hear from my ustaz, that it is very proper for lady to wear skirt, long skirt, this might be because it will cover women body shape and I agree with that. Its also very2 suit me cuz Im super thin, I don't want to wear something that perfectly showing my bones.. :P

But for me I cant wear skirt all the time, its kinda block my movement I cant lifting my feet high and sometime its not suitable for some event or activity. Am I right? or am I the only one feel this way.. (put that aside). 

What my point here actually is "how to wear Pants but at the same time its proper for hijabers (cover ur back)" So the answer for my own question is OVERSIZED SHIRT, some called it loose shirt and funny, some called it boyfriend shirt. :)

Some people don't really  like to wear oversized shirt. When me wearing one, my Hamdan didn't like it, he comes with several comment such I'm really look alike aunty2 from farm worker who collect palm seed. yeh whatever. 

I Google it, Im yahoo it, and I found those who wear it  and those who sell it, Bule' la yg byk... So what in my mind is all this lady with long pants or jeans and Hijab. For the Photos, credit goes to Google image.. 

Lago ka?? Maybe its will be little  trendy if we adding some accessories 

and finally wear hijab
this beautiful lady is not me, I got the pic from google

Ya ya... Mcm tiada2 ka? huhuh..  apa2 ja la kan yg ptg ada entry... hehe

wlau bukan cth yg terbaik... :P

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hijab Tutorial By Me

Its weekend and I'm alone in this house. bored to death. but then I got idea to make this Hijab tutorial.. and taaadaaa its done, It cost me 1 hour but not even single penny... hope it useful.. :D

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Outing...

I don't know what will happen  tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or in the future. but today, I love you.