Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kong Fa

When u already have ur dinner but after few hours, ur mouth still want to chew something, Kong Fa is the place u should go to lookout for food. I bet that all Tawaurian know this place. This is a place where many stall selling goody food and drinks such grilled chicken, fried rice, Nasi Lalap, Fried noodles, Mertabak Jawa, ABC, Ais Teler and many more.

Tonight me want buntut (chicken tail) and grill chicken wings. So even its rainy day we still haunting for food.. hehe..

As always we bought grilled chicken wings and chicken tail at Gerai Lily, not only to support my mom friend business but the sauce is different from other stall.

Chicken wings, RM1.70/piece

To those who like to eat crisp grilled chicken tail, u may ask it from them. 

Chicken Tail, Rm 1.70/piece

We bought Nasi Goreng Ayam from Gerai Mawar. We bought only one for three people to eat. hehe

Nasi goreng Ayam, RM3.50

Sauce is what make Tawau's grilled chicken wings differ with grilled food at KK or other place where here they have a  thick, hot but at same time sweet soy sauce and have a little taste of lime. Yummy.  Another thing that make different is that  here in Tawau, when u bought grilled food surely u will eat it while its hot, they took time to grill the meat to ensure u got well grilled meat and still hot.

For information, besides take away, u can eat there, there are also drinks stall. 

Total paid for our supper is RM34.10 where RM30.60 for grilled chicken and RM3.50 for fried rice. 

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