Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sabah Chicken Rice

Dating with bff.. at first we blur in deciding where to eat then finally we decide to have our lunch at Sabah Chicken Rice

Me choosing chicken rice, its been a long time since I eat this. 

Chicken Rice, Drumstick RM6.20

As usual, the taste is good. worth. 

My dearest bff choose to eat fried noodles. 

Fried Noodles, RM6

The taste of fried noodles is undoubtedly good. If u happen to came here I suggest u to try this. The noodles were rich with prawn, fish fillet and sprouts. so so good.

kangkung belacan, RM6

For drinks, Cincau susu at Sabah Chicken rice is the best.. 

I forgot the price :P

Total paid for our lunch is RM24

Sabah Chicken Rice lacated at fajar area. for detailed u can check it out here

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