Wednesday, May 2, 2012

McD is in town..

Haven't u heard ? mcdonald is in town!! I wonder, is there any forum made just to discuss how pathetic we tawaurian as we so happy for mcd opening.... 

Those who have so much time to care for us... I got few words for them..

yes we happy about it... so what?? how come u whose so mlinium, so high standard person have time to discuss about us, people of small town like us.. dont u have so much important thing to be care about? like  fashion show of chanel, louis vuitton, dior? or thing like ur vacation to paris, milan, newyork and etc.. u should really get a life dude.. huh..

Ceh... complaining, complaining, complaining.. hehhehe...

McD opening is really a hot topic in our town.  especially to children, whose might be the main reason for the parents/sister/brother willing to line up for about one hours... How do I know? cuz I've experienced it.. :D

see.. me willing to line up in drive thru for ekok.. after once dinner, and once breakfast there, yesterday she said to me, "Jumaat lg ya?"