Friday, April 13, 2012

Gado2 & Soto Banjar di Esbok

Stupid me, I didn't know this restaurant name.... mmg la amatur dan food review yg tiada2... kuikui... padahal slalu ba mkn sini.. adede.. 

Actually this stall/ restaurant located at esbok/kg titingan.. esbok ujung la kiranya... lokasinya btl2 depan pondok polis.. 

I promise next time I come here will ask nama gerai ni..

so here what we ate, these are among the famous dish here, also there are many other choices.. 

Usually we see ABC in pink kaler do we? but here the ABC is white but still delishius (I want to spell it this way to make it sound more delishius) haahha


No doubt this the best cendol ever.. when its a very hot day, cendol here is the drink from paradise... 

Cendol Santan

This is also the best dish here, Soto Banjar. this is their specialist. mintak maaf, but dak da kaki la soto di kk compare to soto here.. no offense ok.. just imagine here the soto is includes boiled egg+nasi himpit/lontong+ perkedel ubi kentang+chicken meat+mee suun.. compared to bihun, chicken meat and cabbage? which one is better??

Soto Banjar, RM5

Goda2.. hehehe... here u can choose to have hot one or the normal one.. btw.. there is also Gado2 Ayam Racik.. Its same as here but rich with chicken meat... 

Gado-Gado RM5

Total Paid for our lunch at this time is RM22.90 for 1 ABC, 2 Cendol, 2 Soto Banjar and 1 Gado2..

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