Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5,6,7,8, bla bla.. I will never stop counting.. :)

Five years relationship? For those whose been together with their loved one for about 30 years or 20 years, five years is just like an introduction to 10 pages essay.. But, for me it’s such a longgg time..

I do get bored sometimes. Just imagine, you are calling the same person for five years, ask the same person for five years if he already eaten, asking what have he done the whole day.. Asking the merely same thing for about everyday in five years.. its about 1825 days ya.. 

There are many thing annoyed me these five years, like arguing the same thing over and over again. Break up for more than 30 times but back together again. Huih..

Honestly I’m bored.. But…….. I don’t want to querying other guys like I always do with my bored partner.. I don’t want to know what other guys doing in their whole day.. I don’t wanna says “love you” to other man other than him.. I don’t to talk about my sorrowness with other guy.. Getting bored asking the same question to same person everyday is much2 better than talking to other guys..  I just want him.. My perfect little punching bag.. 

So…. With him, quarrel over something for me is just a cut finger.. It do bleed.. but will be heal with 10sen plaster (cheap way).. hehe

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